Saturday, 4 July 2015

Fly Fishing - Fishing among chaos - Day 24

3rd July 2015

With my waders out of action i decided to fish a lone stretch of my river that was easily accessible and shallow enough in areas to wade in wellies.  Unfortunatly that makes it a hot spot for people coming down to the river in the hot weather, from kids throwing stones to dog walkers to teens drinking beer. I had only gone down for a quick hour or so, it was around 7pm were i hoped to avoid the crowds but unfortunatly there was 2 families sat there throwing in the river and splashing around and 1 dog walker throwing a ball in.

I worked up and down the stretch looking for fish, i knew they'd be hiding but i just hoping for the lapse in noise for them to come back.  In an hour i got take but it went for the nymph as i pulled out to recast meaning it just jumped at the fly and missed.

With time against me i gave myself 5 last minutes which is strangely when everyone else decided to go home. I fished the spot were i missed the fish but nothing. then moving to the deep section which i hadn't been able to fish due to people sitting here previously.  2nd cast and i was in, a slow take but then a big jump, heading downstream about 6 or so feet in one bound, panic set in as i lose so many fish like this, and it wasn't a bad fish either.  giving it some slack i let it pull me down stream, it wiggled like a staffie pulling on a lead, luckily it didn't notice it was heading for the shallows, i waded into the deeper water to get riverside of the fish just incase it managed to get off i had a better chance of netting it, it held on thankfully and i netted him.

A huge sigh of relief, i hadn't blanked, i knew they were fish here it was just tempting them in amid the chaos and a nice 11inch brownie to make amends.

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