Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fly Fishing - Canal Run

14th July 2015

With the river still recovering from a few days of rain and weather conditions improving i decided to take the rod with me on my bailiff run on the MBB canal.  After doing my run and watching a few carp and tench swim i headed off to the end of the canal where i could just sit and relax.  With a bread fly acting as the indicator and a lone size 16 barbless Kamasan's with maggot as the dropper i was soon into a shoal of fish.  I managed 36 but could of had easily double that but missed alot due to striking too soon and lost a lot due to barbless but pulled out a couple of nice perch and the roach underneath the perch weren't too bad either.

2 or 3 were slow takers and decided to swallow the hook, some blood but all recovered thankfully.

Hopefully i can hit a shoal like this on matchday and just have fun pulling them out. 

Here are some of them (unless you want me to post 36 pictures? i will happily do so)

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