Friday, 15 May 2015

Fly Fishing - Record Breakers - Day 9

May 15th 2015

So today was another unexpected day, after a meeting in the morning in scorching sun i decided to try grab a few hours of fishing before my weekend of work. I wanted to try a new area that looks very promising, the only problem is getting there. I trekked through the overgrown woods, to the river bank to a wall of hogweed, after strategically making my way round i came to the river bank to be greated by a large drop, placing my rod down i lowered myself into the water and onto the bottom, however this area was very soft and i sank about 1 foot into the riverbed while still supporting my weight, so rather than sinking into the river bed i pulled myself and admitted defeat and trekked back to my usual area.

Now i was upstream and decided to try to make my way downstream to the spot i wanted, nymphing on the way down. I got a hit under a overhanging tree but missed the strike due to the fish being downstream, cursing my luck i continued down, casting my way along the opposite bank where there was a hole and tree cover. Then just as i was about to cast, i noticed some rubbish on my fly, pulling it towards me i noticed it was infact a very greedy fry! hey they all count right?! laughing and letting the little bugger go i carried on down.

Reaching the next tree i hit into a big fish, easily my biggest fish, my #6 wt bending over as i seen it flash and turn under the water, i hadn't noticed 3 lads around 15/16 on the bridge messing around, until i heard them shout 'he's caught a bin bag'. Then a huge splash, and another, they had decided to lob bricks at me, distracted my line slackened and the fish slipped the hook. The throwing continued, wading to the side i hid my rod in the undergrowth, pulled myself up the banking and walked up the path on the hill. The little bastards ran, maybe not realising that being waist deep in the water was hiding the other half of 6ft 8 me. Grabbing my rod it suddenly started raining, and again the fish started rising upstream, so i decided to try my first duo.

With a sedge and a olive damsel nymph rigged up i waded upstream to my usual holes. Nothing, no takes, was it the weather? Got to my 3rd catching area and bang a hit off the top! but missed the hook! The fish were jumping in the still pool far across the river so i knew there was a couple hanging around. i cast again and boom another hit on the rise this time the hook set, nice coloured trout with its red spots, but the hit ruined my rig and i had to reset up. The rain had become heavy at this point and i considered going home but i stuck at it. Moving up to a new spot which is only 4 inches deep i hit into another fish on the nymph. Biggest so far.

Having worked the riffles there is a huge slow moving area of about 100m but i could see hundreds of fry jumping with the odd rising on the left, working my way up in this deeper water (above my waist so around 4foot) i cast but to no avail. then, as i looked upstream a huge silvery coloured trout lept out the water, the splash was like the bricks the lads had thrown at me, just a good old 'kaplunk' i made my way still going upstream but my nymph had started to pull my dry under in the deeper water, and with the practically still water i had, i wasn't sure how to fish this effectively. so with night drawing in i turned back and headed home.

3 fish again even if one was a personal best for smallest fish.

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