Friday, 10 April 2015

Fly Fishing - On the Hunt - Day 2

April 10th 2015

Second time fly fishing today, went for mainly casting practise again at the end of the Croal where it joins the Irwell, waded across the Croal to a small bank on corner after a few casts from the mid-river where getting sucked into the whirlpools. The Irwell on the outside of the bend was at least 4-5 foot so couldn't risk wading across to get to the gravel bank next to the farmers field. Low and behold downstream just past the first gravel bank on the left a trout jumped. going off pikes size/weight it was about 8lb so a jacker. I might of been there for practise but i soon had the adrenaline going and was wading back across the Croal. The bank on this side is very dangerous hence why i want to get to the opposite gravel bank. The hill goes down about 30-40m and the angle is about 60-80' in places. I found a deer track and followed it till i spotted a 'safer' way down. went down the hill, ground soft and wet despite the weather, so was careful. 3/4 down the hill some ducks land in the spot i was going to fish, don't know if that would spook a fish but i presume it would but determined i moved some dead trees that had been washed down and got on to the rocks. The river here is deep in places. i need to invest in polaroids to see the bottom better, seems there are 'potholes' deeper than my leg could safely reach (im 6ft 8) but managed to get about 1/5 of the way in to the river. Over hanging trees being a problem so i kept my cast low but straight and didn't do to bad under the circumstances. stayed for about an hour but no further movement. Now as i am very much in the learning process, i have a few problems, on my final 'cast' when i've pulled the line to a nice length it tends to cross over my rod and snag on it, i get a perfect curve up until the last part and then it goes a bit skewiff. Also invested in a new reel as this one likes to pull extra line off when i reel it out. Any tips and anyone fish up here? Took a pic of the things landing on me too. Going to try to get to the gravel bank next time (see map route) , as the current runs away from that side and no snags when casting.

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