Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fly Fishing - Beautiful Waters - Day 3

April 14th 2015

So today was a warm bright day, plenty of stuff flying around so decided to dip down to the river, tried the knocked down factory which looks very promising. no movement though. didn't fish near the  weir went to the gravel bank on the right of the panorama as the water was slower and tried my new blue damsel it eventually caught on the big rock i was trying to float it round to see if anything was taken cover behind and a dog jumped in not far downstream so decided to move.

Went over to Ladyshore and went down to the weir. Tried above it but the wind was stronger than the current and the fly was going the wrong way so went downstream where it was running faster. Tried under the trees near the old bridge legs and around a rock to see if anything sheltering, nothing. no movement or signs anywhere. though a bad sign was finding several ducks floating down the river, one washing onto a rock showing its neck was ruined, probably mink so i've been told. Was using a midge at this point but a swell of wind blew during a cast and put me in the tree i was aiming under. Lost the leader line so will have to relook and practise my knots.

Thankfully my new reel came so hope it works better than this and with a few new flies on route it will be good to test them, though will be more exciting aiming for a fish i've seen jump than trying to find one in a 39 mile long river.

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