Friday, 17 April 2015

Fly Fishing - The Hot Spot - Day 4

April 15th 2015

4th day of fly fishing and massive improvements. Polaroids with me now so better visibility under water. Walked down from the canal bridge through the water. Taking care of my footing as deep in places. Reached the confluence of the river croal/irwell and got to the gravel bank i'd been planning on. Last time i was here i was on opposite bank where 7lb trout jumped. With a 3 fly rig set up cast downstream, wind on my back. Nothing flying around so after half hour of aiming into different holes decided change set up. Copper and a damsel. Just finished tying the leader on (8ft) when about 20ft away a 1lb trout jumps in front of me. Silently crept over the bank and slipped into water. Cast over and around but it didnt rise again. Never seen my casting i prove so quick. Now i was where the fish was i just had to hope he took it after 20 mins i realised it had probably gone so move to the top of the riffles and cast inthe pool above. With the wind chill setting in and the clouds moving in. Knowing the way back i had to wade decided to call it a day. Better luck next time eh?

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