Friday, 10 April 2015

Fly Fishing - Back to the beginning. Day 1

April 9th 2015

Fly Fishing. Why? Well as a course fisherman from the age of 4 to 15 i got hundreds, well thousands of fish varying in size and weight but i hit my peak when i caugh a 5lb 11 perch (spawning female) and a 5lb 2oz perch under the same tree on an old mill pond. I've caught pike well into the late 20lbs but these where probably my best catch. A little flick of the rod in front of a submerged tree and gone in seconds.  After that school, college and the rest got in the way of things and my rods were put away for good. Now 10 years later, i fancied a new challenge after seeing a Trout jump near Wilsons Bridge over the R. Croal, which is literally 2 minute walk from where i live, i was hooked. I knew the waters had been polluted a few year ago and alot of work was going into fixing them, the removal of weirs for example, but some say still not enough and probably rightly so.

The first day i went to Ladyshore. Over Wilsons Bridge, over the bare land at Nob End and upto the 'top canal'. followed the streets towards the stables and down the cobbled road, over the canal bridge, down a hill and boom, Ladyshore. The weird i wanted to fish was occupied with some kids smoking weed. School holidays! so i carried on around the bend, i wasn't expecting much as i was there to practise my casting. Spent an hour there with mixed results. Enjoyed it still though!

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