Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Scouting for trout - Fly Fishing

7th June

With a break in the rain i knew most of my rivers would be in flood so it was time to scout out another small stream to check what, if anything, hid there.  This stream was completely urbanized, if anything it was like an open sewer but it didn't smell like one and despite all the garbage it looked kind of fishy if there was any in here.  I had the family in tow, it was my partner who had infact suggested we go fishing. I climbed over the fence and down the bank while i worked my way up each pool, they were created by pockets of garbage collecting in certain points in turn also offering shelter.

Within 5 minutes i knew there was fish here, the silhouette of a decent sized fish calmly hunting down the streamer as it went past, it turned away and disappeared. I still had a chance, i have realised most trout will have 2 takes at a streamer unless they touch the hook first time, after that, its game over. I cast again and again, trying to figure out which angle would tempt it, then i felt a subtle resistance and a struck up, it was on.

It was a lazy take and a strange fight, the fish initially ran downstream then turned upstream and sat there in a lie, as if it was waiting for more food to come down for it to swallow. I guess this guy had swallowed its fair share of non-edibles. I retrieved some line and it fought some more, putting a good bend in the rod as it used its strength to pull away, but again it became lazy and turned once more, swimming slowly towards me, i retrieved line and lifted the rod but i was surrounded by trees, i had to risk putting the rod down and doing the last bit by hand. It was a strange moment but once it touched the net it starting fighting ferociously, thankfully in the net. 

It was a lovely trout, long (23in) and lean, not as fat as the one i had last week but a splendid untouched fish. A pink adipose fin with bright red spots breaking its camouflage, it had a mean head with a strong jaw, big teeth and wild eyes.

I continued fishing upstream and was only met with heavy hits, the murky water meant i had little time to react and i probably nipped a few lips on the strike as they dared take the streamer again. I did hook a small trout though but that failed to stay on the hook for very long, it actually went for the streamer 5 times before it got it right.

In the end it was a fun day, the wind had died, the sun had come out and i was overheating quite quickly, we hadn't been out long but it was a good scouting trip and a place worth visiting again.


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