Monday, 8 February 2016

Countdown to the season start

With BT still struggling to figure out how to gain access to my house due to a tree root, i am still without internet and tv making blogging hard and video and photo upload almost impossible, so apologies in advance for the lack of images which i will rectify once i am up and running, hopefully before the season starts!

So with the season looning closer i am still yet to organise my fishing tackle, mainly due to the bad weather making any grayling trips nigh on inpossible, without the ability to drive it is worthless risking travelling a distance to find a river 'almost' impossible to fish. So i have a couple of hours a week been spent fly tying. Now i have been mainly 'messing around' testing what materials can do and look like and i have surprised myself. Still awaiting my partridge feathers from John Norris so aboiding dries till then, thoughi do need some cock hackle in fairness for some nymphs. There is so much to learn and remember but the best part is you can picture a fly you want to make and tie it, theres basic patterns you can go off and add you own twist and colours, but until the season starts it is impossible to see which are effective. I'm enjoying it more than i thought i would and i an glad i started now as i was going to start in a few years.

With the local river being the Irwell and it's lack of grayling theres almost a 5 month gap between my fishing trips, a long time! So the itch is real right now! Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks there might be an oppurtunity to go chase some ladies! If it's planned then there will be some bling and pink flies being tied in preparation, already have a couple but with the flooding this winter there will be many additional snags!

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  1. There MIGHT be less snags if the old ones were washed away. Be interesting to see how well the fish fared through the floods.